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Established since 1990, Yee Heng Teak Products (YHTeak) has been the trusted timber supplier for many projects of varying scales. From large industrial developments to small-scale personal DIY projects, Yee Heng Teak has been the preferred choice for many construction firms, tradesmen, architectural designers and hobby-owners.

Wood warehouse in Singapore
Raw Teak wood 

Our product knowledge and flexible approach has earned us a good reputation for quality, expertise and friendly service. Our mission is to best understand your requirements and provide the best recommendations to maximise the wood resources to meet your needs.

10 common hardwoods available

Ash wood is generally straight grained with a course uniform texture with no distinctive order. It is hard and resistant to shock but yet good for steam bending. White ash has sapwood which is light-coloured. the heartwood varies from light brown to pale yellow with streaks of brown grains. The sap were often separated from the heartwood to form a more consistent white stock for selling in higher grades. Ash wood is susceptible to fungal and beetle attack.

Common Usage for Ash wood
Furniture flooring, doors, kitchen cabinets, baseball bats, hockey sticks, billiard cues, tennis racquets.

Beech wood is generally straight grained with broad rays and fine uniform texture. The sapwood is pale cream white with a red tinge, while the heartwood is light to dark reddish brown. Beech is hard and heavy, with high stiffness, shock resistance. It can be difficult to work by hand as it tends to split and warp.


Furniture, flooring, wooden-ware. It is suitable for making food and liquid containers since there is no odor or taste.

The sapwood is pale yellow and well defined from the heartwood which is yellow to brown with a distinct green tinge. The grain is slightly interlocked producing a ribbon figure. The timber is classified as naturally durable and is very resistant to termite attack and fungal infestation.

Chengal is suitable for all forms of heavy construction, outdoor furniture, patio decking, boat building, vehicle bodies (framework; floor boards) where strength and durability are required.

The color of the cherry heartwood varies between reddish brown and yellowish brown. The color darkens considerably with age and exposure to sunlight. It has attractive straight grains with rich and warm glow. Cheery wood is light and strong. It can be considered stiff and moderately hard with excellent shock resistance.

Cherry is usually considered too soft for flooring. It is mostly used for furniture, examples, borders of tables and frames. Other uses include carvings, lamps and musical instruments.

There are two types of maple wood. The hard maple and the soft maple. The heartwood of maple varies from light to dark reddish brown while the sapwood is creamy white with slight reddish brown. The wood is usually straight-grained with uniform texture. The grains do shows occassionally curly or bird's eye figuring. For soft maple, the heartwood is light to dark brown. It has fine close texture with interlocking grain.

Due to its close dense texture, maple is often used in bowling alleys and athletic facilities. It can also be used for furniture and flooring purposes.

Merbau is an asian wood with a yellowish to orange- brown color. The wood darkens to medium and dark red-brown when being exposed to sunlight. The sapwood is distinctly different in pale yellow color. The surface is smooth with grain varying from straight to interlocked. It has excellent dimensional stability and termite resistance.

Merbau is mainly used for flooring, furniture and outdoor patio decking.

Nyatoh is an asian wood found commonly in Malaysia and Indonesia. Its color ranges from light to reddish brown and its timber-weight varies from fairly light to extremely heavy. The light species has a fine texture and is a preferred wood for manufacturing furniture. While the heavier species are not as attractive and are more difficult to work with. They are more suitable for medium, to heavy construction works.

Commonly used for furniture and other interior wood furnishing components (e.g. door frames)

There are two species of oak wood. The white oak which color ranges from nearly white sapwood to a darker brown heartwood. Red oak on the hand is similar in general appearance to white oak but its color ranges from nearly white cream to a warm pale brown tinted with red. The wood is mostly straight-grained with a coarse texture.

Furniture, flooring, door and kitchen cabinets.

Teak wood is one of the most valuable timber in the world. It has a yellow to dark golden brown heartwood and grayish or white sapwood. Teak grain ranges from fine to coarsely grained with generally straight and occasional wavy grain. It is well known for its durability. Teak is resistant to rot caused by fungal decay, its high level of resinous oil act as a natural insect repellent giving the wood very high resistance to attack by termites and other wood boring insects. Teak is also resistant to water and other chemical agents. It is able to withstand heat without catching fire easily.

Teak is commonly used for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Its water and insect resistance characteristics makes teak the preferred choice for outdoor patio decking, luxury ship decking. Teak parquet is the favor option for flooring because of the golden brown cosy and classy finished wood surface.


Walnut has a light to dark chocolate brown to purplish black heartwood. It is generally straight-grained, with occasionally wavy grain. The sapwood is creamy white in color. Walnut works easily with hand and machine tools,nails, screws and glues well. Its ability to hold stains and paints makes it suitable for a variety of polished finish.

Furniture, cabinets, doors, flooring and gun stocks. Due to its darker color properties, Walnut is the preferred wood for using in contrast with lighter-colored species of wood.

Products and Services

Apart from providing raw ood materials, we also provide services to the following finished products:

Teak staircase boards

Teak hand rails
Teak flooring

Teak door frame
Chengal decking

Timber Decking Refurbishment Services

We also provide refurbishment services to your old decking to restore its previous shine.

FREE consultation and quotations are available for your customised products (including your personal DIY requirements).

DIY Portable Patio Decking

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