Friday, June 19, 2015

Live Edge Suar Bay Window Chai Chee Residence

A good friend of mine recently bought a HDB in Chai Chee and wanted a live edge Suar plank for his study room. The plank is placed on top some built-in storage and serves as a reading corner for the study.

This piece is extremely long at 270cm, width of 50cm. Here comes the challenge. It can't go into the standard HDB lift!!!

Well, the Army provides good foundation training in carrying heavy loads. Together with our group of friends, we managed to climb 10 floors and installed it in 1 piece. 

Live edge suar table with customised powder coated steel legs

Newly completed live edge Suar table project.

Recently completed live edge Suar table for a customer in RV residence. Took us about 6~8 months to complete this. Of course, some waiting time as the apartment wasn't ready. 

Hope the customer likes it.

First picture taken at factory before delivery. Doesn't look that impressive under poor light condition.

With proper lighting, it turns out pretty good. A good center piece for the dinning room to impress your guests. This table can accommodate 6 people, suitable for our modern day apartments and flats.