Previous Projects

Chengal wood Planter Decking

Alexis apartments located at Queenstown. Using Chengal wood to cover up the planter box.

Constructing the wooden frame for the planter decking

This is the most critical process. A large amount of wood needed for a sturdy supporting structure. 

Chengal or Balau wood can be used for constructing the supporting structure. We varnished the wood to give it extra protection.

Customize your unique live edge dining table 

After 4 months of hardwork, the dining table is finally completed, delivered and reassembled at the owner's house. 

This is how it was done....

Step 1: Logs selection

Selecting suitable logs with the right dimensions

Step 2: Choose the logs which suit the customer's requirements
Only 2 logs met the required dimensions

Kaya tree log

Suar wood also commonly known as Rain tree in Singapore

Step 3: Removing the moisture from the cut wood
Seasoning the wood to remove the moisture

Step 4: Planing and Sanding the wood

Step 5: Assembled table

Ang Mo Kio Park Central Chengal Decking 

Chengal wood decking, stained and varnished with Burma Teak color. A supporting structure (using chengal/balau) was built for the planter to support the Chengal decking above.

Building a long lasting planter box decking

Chengal wood structures, varnished to provide extra protection against moisture. Note the number of supporting legs, to provide the extra stability, using 2"x2" and 2"x1" as supporting beams

Assembled using 1.5" screws to provide extra support

Finished decking with 3 coats of varnish for long lasting color

Installing a smaller structure for the masterbed room planter box

Finished decking for masterbed room planter

3 Things to note when installing structures for planter box decking                    

  1. Use outdoor wood (Chengal, Balau or Ironwood) for building the structures. (You do not want to fall off when your decking to give way as the structure rotten)
  2. Varnish the structure to protect the wood from moisture. (This will prevent algae and fungus from growing on it)
  3. Use screws to fasten the structures instead of pneumatic nails to provide extra support.
This will ensure you have a long lasting decking.

Chengal Platform Decking

Chengal wood decking, stained and varnished with Black American Oak color. A platform was built and the portable Chengal decking placed on top of it. Owner customized a low coffee table (Teak) with clear varnish to match its decking.

Constructing the frame for the portable platform

Aligning the portable decking

Chengal platform decking with Teak coffee table

Coffee Table (Teak)

Chengal platform decking with Teak coffee table

Modern English Styled Masionette

Owner self-designed English styled staircase. The selection includes using Teak (stairs plank) and Nyatoh wood (white) balusters and teak handrail. Solid Burmese teak planks were used as the stair-boards. The rooms in the upper floor were installed with Burmese Teak strip flooring.

Owner designed a separate living area by installing a indoor teak platform in the living room.

DIY Chengal stairs board 

A customer requested custom made solid chengal planks to replace his existing outdoor spiral staircase steps. 

Customised Chengal Flower Rack

A 4x4 ft flower rack made from solid chengal wood, stained with Walnut color. 

Chengal Decking at The ESTA, Amber Gardens

Chengal decking for both masterbed room and living room balcony

Masterbed room balcony

Masterbed room balcony

Living room balcony

Living room balcony

Living room balcony

Living room balcony