Thursday, February 7, 2013

Live Edge Dining Table for HDB Flats & Apartments

Most live edge tables available in the market are relatively huge (2m long). Such tables will not be able to fit in the typical small flats or apartments in Singapore. Being a wood lover, I decided to explore making a small 6~8 seater live edge dining table.

Step 1: Logs selection. Finding a suitable tree trunk with the right dimensions.

Suar Tree Logs

Step 2: After the planks have been cut to size, it would need to be seasoned to reduce the moisture. This process takes about 3~6 months. The thicker the plank, the longer the duration.

Natural Air Seasoning 

Natural air seasoning is laborious and challenging. If the plank loses moisture too quickly such that the outer layers dry out more rapidly than the interior, cracks and splits will occur. We placed the planks out in the morning sun just for a few hours before bringing indoors to minimize the outer layers from drying too quickly. This process is repeat daily for a few months.

Air Seasoning in indoor

Step 3: After 4 months of air seasoning, the planks are ready to be processed. They are trimmed to dimensions, using hand planed using electric planers and sanded to prepare the surface.

Live Edge planks after 1st coat of varnish

Step 4: After 4 months of hard work, the table is ready and delivered and assembled at the customer's apartment. The stainless steel legs is a nice complement to the wooden live edge table (1500 x 750mm). 

Live Edge Dining Table with Stainless Steel Legs 

 The smaller planks were used to make a customized Live Edge TV Console (4feet).

Live Edge TV Console

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